Tuesday, December 25, 2007

'He's a neat entertainer'

Telegram Staff Writer

Music is Kevin Carr's hobby and passion.
He works as a professional DJ in Bartlett, Granger and Taylor. He has provided the entertainment for several weddings, anniversaries, quinceaƃ±eras and award ceremonies.
'It's fun, and it's a way to earn a little extra money,' Carr said. (His main source of income is his disability insurance.) 'One day, I'd like to be in a band.'
He's started to learn the mechanics of guitar playing. His instrument of choice is a bronze Gibson f-hole.
His parents said he can carry a tune.
'He can't keep the rhythm as fast as you or I could. It's a bit slower,' his mother, Bettye Carpenter, said. 'That's because of the cerebral palsy. But you can tell what song he's trying to play.'
Lt. Rick Thomssen of the Granger Police Department is familiar with Carr's role as community DJ.
'He's a neat entertainer,' Thomssen said. 'He was the DJ for the Granger Blue Santa Christmas parade. It was 84 degrees, but (Carr) was able to pick out music that kept the whole event festive.'
The lieutenant said watching Carr at work is awe-inspiring.
'He doesn't need help with anything,' Thomssen said. 'He loads and unloads all the equipment by himself. He's got it under control.'
His days back at school have procured him a DJ partner. Her name is Kandyce Phelps. She's the 19-year-old daughter of one of Carr's teachers, Jimmie Baker.
'He puts on a good show. I enjoy spending time with (Carr). He's an adventure,' Miss Phelps said. 'He keeps things light, and he's very humorous. It's easy to see if you're in one of his audiences.'
The Granger Volunteer Fire Department is Carr's second passion.
'I go out to fires,' Carr said. 'I do what I can to help, like directing traffic. I know my limitations, though.'

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