Sunday, December 30, 2007

Inspired by new movie, locals start their own lists of things they'd like to do before they die

Telegram Staff Writer

Area residents have more in common with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman than they think.
Just like the two stars of 'The Bucket List,' local folks want to 'live it big' in their last six months of life.
In the movie, set to release Jan. 11, the terminally ill characters of Nicholson and Freeman ditch the hospital for time to skydive, flirt with women, spend money and 'live on the wild side.'
And since it's all got to be done before they kick the bucket, each minute becomes all the more rare and precious.
To determine the types of bucket lists Bell County residents have, the Telegram interviewed 20 random people at various public locations in Temple. Five people refused to participate, saying the topic was too depressing to consider, and four said they couldn't think of how they'd live their last days.
The 11 people who did answer said they wanted to travel, eat good food and buy houses.
The question took all of them off guard. None of their answers came quickly.
'What to do in your last six months? That's quite a question,' said Mike Clynch of Temple, summarizing the concern shared by the 14 other respondents. 'You want to do everything, so how do you put a limit on it?'
How indeed?
We'll see how it goes in the movie.

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