Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boy sews dainty dress, wins at fair

Telegram Staff Writer

The boy towers over his five siblings. The 16-year-old is 6 feet tall.
He's competitive and thinks he might enjoy a career in politics as a state congressman. He's a figure of wisdom, as his younger sisters look to him for help on schoolwork and guidance in tricky situations.
A right good big brother, he is.
But the secret's out: Trent Williams can sew a right pretty dress.
A handmade white smock won him the grand championship over the clothing division at this month's Bell County Youth Fair. Trent said the dress was his second attempt at sewing.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Book probes Bible's dark stories for God's presence

Telegram Staff Writer

The Bible spreads its Good News with a slew of R-rated stories.
Countless biblical figures endure pain, rape, incest and abuse until Christ saves mankind at the end of the New Testament.
In Genesis, a prince rapes a woman whose father then sells her for the highest price. In Judges, the body of another raped woman finds itself chopped in 12 pieces.
And in Acts, the very place the phrase 'Good News' is shouted, a man wonders the land desolate and unloved because his male sex organs are mutilated.
'That's right, the word is penis - and that's how I preach the story of the Eunuch,' said Diana Garland, a social work professor at Baylor University in Waco. 'The story is undermined when we try to make the story sound better than it is.'