Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boy sews dainty dress, wins at fair

Telegram Staff Writer

The boy towers over his five siblings. The 16-year-old is 6 feet tall.
He's competitive and thinks he might enjoy a career in politics as a state congressman. He's a figure of wisdom, as his younger sisters look to him for help on schoolwork and guidance in tricky situations.
A right good big brother, he is.
But the secret's out: Trent Williams can sew a right pretty dress.
A handmade white smock won him the grand championship over the clothing division at this month's Bell County Youth Fair. Trent said the dress was his second attempt at sewing. 'The smock is very well done. He did an excellent job on the piece,' said Debbie Fasolino of Belton, the leader of Trent's 4 His Glory Club. 'Smocking is an art. It takes time and effort.'
The win took the soft-spoken Trent by surprise but not his mother, Chris Williams.
'He's competitive at every thing he does,' she said. 'And he pays attention to detail.'
Trent's two toddler sisters, one biological and the other adopted, inspired him to make the white dress he entered in the contest.
'The babies, they're always growing out of clothes,' Trent said. 'And I wanted to get a head start on their big kid clothes.'
He had to do a good job on the dress, he said, because his reputation was at stake.
'Cimrey (Trent's 10-year-old sister) has already won a couple of reserve championships,' he said. 'I had to show her I was still the big brother.'
The grinning Trent nudged Cimrey in the shoulder as he tried to suppress his gloating.
'The prize money's good too,' Trent said.
Perhaps, the boy's stitching talent his genetic.
His mother, Cimrey and his three older sisters all know how to sew.
'When the older ones were younger, I made the whole family's clothes,' Mrs. Williams said. 'Now the older sisters have taken it over, making what we can't find at the store.'
Trent doesn't plan to pursue a future in the fashion industry, and he said he's not likely to take sewing up as a hobby. So there's not likely to be another Trent Williams smock, not unless Cimrey tries to rob him of his Grand Champion title.

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