Saturday, May 3, 2008

God trains man like the cowboy trains his horse

Telegram Staff Writer

The horse gets tamed, but it's not because of anything the cowboy whispers.
'It's a body language thing,' said Paul Daily, founder of Wild Horse Ministries. 'I guess they call me the horse whisperer because of the movie, to give it some glit and glam, but I ain't about that. I'm about God.'
In a one-man, one-horse show called, 'The Round Pen of Life,' Daily says he demonstrates how the horse-trainer relationship is the same as the man-God relationship.
'The way the horse kicks and fusses, that's me, and it's you too, if you'll be honest. A horse is a mirror with hair on it,' Daily said, explaining. 'He fights until he's sure he can trust you and then when he figures out you're not all that bad, he'll calm down and do as the trainer says.'
The roles of the trainer and God are therefore similar, Daily said. Both have nothing but love aimed at their student. 'He has the horse's best interests at heart. He wants that horse to be valuable and work because he wants it. He doesn't want to force him,' Daily said. 'That's just like us. The devil can have us think God's gonna bind us and overpower us, but He's not. He's here to set us free. He's here because he loves us and because he wants us to be valuable too.'
The Christian wrangler's headed for Belton today. He's got two shows planned for Sunday and Monday at the Bell County Expo Center.
It was the Chisolm Trail Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys that invited him.
'It's an impressive program,' said Billy Curb of Killeen, chapter president. 'We saw it last year at the Little Hall arena and thought it was great. We wanted it to be available to the local folks.'

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