Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ministry keeps ladies looking, feeling good

Telegram Staff Writer

The Beatles took a sad song and made it better in 'Hey Jude.'
In the same spirit, the Belton Church of Christ has taken an objectionable phrase and transformed it into a positive ministry. The Holy Rollers program at Crestview Nursing Home is a ministry of the Belton Church of Christ.
Every Friday morning, a group called the Holy Rollers goes to the Crestview Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Belton to treat the lady residents to a day at the hair salon.
The ladies get their hair shampooed and curled.
'They are so precious,' said Jan Doke, a proud Holy Roller. 'Their faces just light up when they get all dolled up for the weekend.' Her visits to Crestview have shed an understanding light on one of God's Proverbs.
'God said that gray hair is our crown of glory (Proverbs 16:31),' Ms. Doke said. 'I can understand why God says that after working with these lovely ladies and seeing that their years have taught them humility, gentleness and approachability. Every time I come, I feel a little more joyful about aging.'
Volunteer Becky Day loves being a Holy Roller for the folks at the nursing home.
'If you feel like chatting, you've got a captive audience,' Ms. Day said. 'If you feel like dancing, they'll clap and laugh with you. Some of them will even sing or recite poetry.'
One of Ms. Day's fondest memories of is of a woman who would sing, 'You Are My Sunshine' while she was getting her hair done.
'She was promoted to her Heavenly home several years ago,' Ms. Day said. 'I'll keep missing her, along with others, till that glorious day when we meet again.'
The volunteers say the Crestview employees enjoy the Holy Rolling days just as much as the center's grinning residents.
'The employees are cheerful and helpful,' Ms. Day said. 'They cheer us on. I don't remember ever having a bad hair day there. I guess that is because God guides our hands, and helps us set every strand of hair in place.'

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