Sunday, October 5, 2008

Love of Smurfs runs in family

Telegram Staff Writer

There's a Smurf drawer in her house.
That's where Patsy Daniel of Temple keeps her Smurfs - all 88 of them.
But on Monday they weren't in the drawer. A sea of blue faces littered her kitchen table.
There was Farmer Smurf, Chainsaw Smurf, Halloween Smurf, Mermaid Smurf and Smurfs with every accessory imaginable.
'They're for the kids,' Ms. Daniel said. 'They love to play with them.'

She was referring to her eight grandchildren. As she spoke, the young bunch chattered and clamored. They made willing pawns of the toys once treasured by their twin mothers, Lindy Thompson and Mandy Agee, both of Temple.
'My two daughters - Lindy and Mandy - they loved the Smurfs growing up,' Ms. Daniel said. 'It was a treat for them to go to the store and get a new one.'
Ms. Thompson and Ms. Agee fondly remember the blue creatures of their childhood.
'It was our eighth birthday, and we had a Smurf birthday cake,' Ms. Thompson said.
Ms. Agee nodded.
'And before we knew it, we had all these Smurfs,' Ms. Agee said.
Once the twins were grown, Ms. Daniel stored the figurines in the attic.
But the Smurfs resurfaced with the birth of the first grandchild.
The adults' conversation paused. Not ones to linger in silence, the children proceeded to take control of the talk.
'I like Cheerleader Smurf because I go to cheer camp,' said Grace Thompson, 7.
'I like Smurfette and the underwater ones 'cause they're pretty,' said Landry Agee, 8.
'I like them 'cause they look funny,' said Joe Agee, 6.
And 3-year-old Luke Thompson - he wants to wear a red cape, so he can be just like Superhero Smurf.
However excitable, the youngsters are not oblivious to the Smurf fondness that runs in their family.
'I think it's really cool to play with them,' said Jacob Thompson, 10. 'Our moms had them, and we haven't lost one. Well maybe there's been one we lost, but we got most of them.'
Some of Ms. Daniel's grandchildren have even developed a taste for the original Smurf cartoon.
'My favorite episode is where the mean guy captures them and there's a trick, magic guy who had to rescue the Smurfs,' said Landry Agee, 8.
As for the men who married into the family, they've grown to accept the Smurf fascination.
'I remember watching the cartoon,' said Jeremy Thompson. 'They were cool, I guess. I think it's neat how the kids like them so much.'
Joey Agee gestured in agreement, interjecting that he was an adult when he became aware of the Smurfs.
'The Smurfs were against the rules,' Mr. Agee said. 'My parents thought they were Satanic or something.'
The collection of 88 Smurfs remains exactly as it was when Ms. Daniel's daughters were young.
'We haven't bought in any lately,' Ms. Thompson said. 'Last year, the we saw some at a novelty store in Las Vegas, but they were to expensive to buy.'
The collection's future involves more of the same: Lots and lots of play time with the youngsters.
'One day, I hope to split the Smurfs up between all eight grandchildren.
Maybe even the great-grandkids, but heaven knows how many there'll be. May each child will get one Smurf who knows.'
And no Grandma doesn't have a favorite Smurf..
'Just like I don't have a favorite grandchild,' Ms. Daniel said. 'I love them all just the same.'

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