Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ladies put a new curl in Bible study

Telegram Staff Writer

Make-up, blow dryers and hair curlers - at church?
That's the idea for 'Beauty Shop Talk,' a new Bible study at Memorial Baptist Church in Temple.
'Getting your hair done and talking to your friends. Nothing's more relaxing than going to the beauty shop,' said Trina Meadows, program creator. 'We want to bring that relaxed feeling to church.'
For the study's first session on Jan. 24, part of the church will be transformed into a beauty salon.
'It'll be great. It'll have the look and feel of a beauty shop,' Mrs. Meadows said. 'The point is to give women a place to get together, feel comfortable and have fellowship.'
Meeting 2-4 p.m. on Saturdays, the six-week program is open to all women in their 20s and 30s. There's no cost to participate, but childcare will not be provided. Mrs. Meadows had the idea for 'Beauty Shop Talk' a couple of months ago.
'The Lord laid the vision on my heart,' Mrs. Meadows said. 'And when He does that, He won't let me sleep until I've done whatever it is.'
So she enlisted the aid of her best friend, Laura Kuban of Waco, who helped her write the lesson plans.
'I loved the idea,' Miss Kuban said. 'My goal is to help others learn biblical knowledge in an environment where everyone cares for each other.'
Participants Lesleigh Reynolds and Heather Gonzales, both of Temple, are looking forward to the Bible study because of the chance at fellowship with women their own age.
'There's nothing for women in their 20s and 30s to do in Temple,' Mrs. Reynolds said. 'At least not for me. This will be a good way to meet others.'
Mrs. Gonzales nodded her head. As a married mother of two, she doesn't have much free time to socialize.
'I hope to meet and get to know other women,' Mrs. Gonzales said. 'I miss having friends my age.'
But 'Beauty Shop Talk' promises more than fellowship.
Each session will teach a life lesson that's based on a biblical story.
'Each week, we'll feature a woman from the Bible,' Mrs. Meadows said. 'An actress will dress up like her and tell her story.'
Then the participants will break into small groups for discussion. Groups will be divided according to age, marital status and number of children.
Older women in their 40s and 50s will serve as mentors and discussion moderators.
'The mentors have lived through most of what we'll be talking about,' Mrs. Meadows said. 'So they'll be able to guide us.'
The Jan. 24 meeting share a lesson on beauty via Abigail from 1 Samuel 52.
'Her story is about inward beauty versus outward beauty,' Miss Kuban said. 'She is at first married to mean husband, but because she always does what is right, God provides for her by letting her her husband die so she can marry David, who's a better husband.'
Mrs. Reynolds will be the actress portraying Abigail. She's excited to play the part.
'The script is great,' Mrs. Reynolds said. 'I'm glad for the opportunity to have the Lord teach through me.'
Other session topics will include speech, health, missions, love and nurturing.
'Speech will be about gossip and how it influences us, and for the missions, we'll have a professional missionary worker come talk to us,' Mrs. Meadows said. 'But the nurturing is my favorite. On that day, we're going to have an old-fashioned foot washing.'
She and Miss Kuban took turns writing the scripts for the programs.
Their hope is that 'Beauty Shop Talk' turns into an outreach to women who've never been to church.
'The idea is not to introduce people to our specific church,' Mrs. Meadows said. 'The idea is for the Lord to touch the hearts of women, and the idea is to get people warmed up to the church setting.'
Miss Kuban nodded her head.
'My hope is that a ton of women come to hear God's word and it change their lives,' she said.

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