Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grandpa's gift makes the kids hunters for life

Telegram Staff Writer

'If you hunt and fish with your kids now, you won't have to hunt for them later.'
Kathryn Kyle of Austin said she grew up hearing those words.
'And now that I'm watching my own kids grow, I see how true those words are,' Mrs. Kyle said.
The motto comes from her father, Alvin Dusek of Temple.
'My mother, brother, father and me - we did stuff all the time outside,' Mrs. Kyle. 'I got married, so did my brother, and now we're doing the same things with our kids, going to hunt and fish every chance we get.'
To make that a little easier, Dusek bought everyone in his family a blue tag lifetime combination hunting and fishing license.
'It was a very generous gift,' said son David Dusek. 'All 11 of us, we're quite excited.' His wife, Jennifer, and their three kids plus Mrs. Kyle, her husband and their four sons are all hunters for life.
'Even the baby,' Dusek said. 'They'll never have to buy a permit again. They can hunt and fish as much as they like. It was a fine thing to do for the family and I'm glad I could do it for them.'
And he's glad he bought the licenses in August.
'I got a good deal on the price,' Dusek said.
He was able pay $1,000 per license before the new rate of $1,800 went into effect on Sept. 1.
Nobody in the family was expecting the gift.
'It was a really cool surprise,' said Caleb Kyle, 14, of Austin. 'That's just the way my Grandpa is. He taught me how to hunt an fish and he got me and my brothers new rifles. We just like to go hunting together.'
The teenager thinks his family's hobby is well on its way to becoming tradition.
'My great-grandfather is the one who bought the land that we hunt on now, in 1904 I think,' Caleb said. 'And if this keeps on it'll be there for my grandkids and when that happens, I want to be the same kind of grandpa mine is.'
Even the younger kids are enjoying their status as lifetime hunters.
'I like the present,' said 8-year-old Sadie Dusek of Austin. 'It was nice, and I get to be a hunter forever, and that's neat.'
Grandpa Dusek said over Labor Day weekend Sadie and her cousin Matthew had conducted a hunting competition of sorts.
'The whole bunch of us was dove hunting,' Dusek said. 'And those two were trying to see who could pull the dove's head off first when one hit the ground.'
The Dusek clan shot 52 doves that weekend, and Grandpa said they had a fine feast.
'We eat everything we get, even when we go fishing,' Dusek said.
Called the Ponderosa, the land where they hunt is located south of Temple on Highway 95. And their fishing pond, which is full of perch and bass, is in Holland.
'We have so much fun when we're all together,' Mrs. Kyle said. 'Our gift, it ensures that we can keep on doing these outdoor activities for a long time to come.'

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