Saturday, October 31, 2009

Musician returns to home church for concert

Telegram Staff Writer

She's his mom, but she has no idea where he gets his talent.
'I just don't know where the kid came from,' said Colleen Palmer of Temple. 'Nobody else in the family is musically inclined.'
Her son, Daniel Palmer of Huntingtown, Md., is the leader of a new band called Scattered Leaves. He's the lead vocalist and lead guitarist.
'Our style ranges from punchy pop to melodic rock,' Daniel said.
The group's first CD, 'Midsentence,' was released last Christmas.
'There are some new songs we've been working on,' Daniel said. They have titles like 'Everybody Sing,' 'Wounds Will Heal' and 'Here.' His hometown community will have a chance to hear the music of Scattered Leaves at 7 p.m. Nov. 7 at Temple Bible Church. Admission to the concert will be free.
'I'm really looking forward to the show,' Daniel said. 'It'll be the first time for me to come home and perform with my band.'
The Palmer family moved to Temple in 1985 and joined TBC in 1992. Alongside his younger brother David, Daniel attended Salado schools and graduated in 1997. Their older sister Carey 'Palmer' Bourland was homeschooled by their parents - Joe Palmer, who works for the Temple school district, and Mrs. Palmer, who's retired from the Salado school district.
Daniel can thank his big sister Carey for his introduction to music.
'She was taking piano lessons,' Mrs. Palmer said. 'He would hear her practice and then come up behind her and play the tunes by ear.'
It wasn't a one-time stunt. His mother said young Daniel enjoyed the game of 'playing by ear.' It didn't take long for him to study piano alongside his sister.
'Carey's teacher would tell her not to play her music where Daniel could hear her,' Mrs. Palmer said. 'That way he'd be more apt to learn how to read the music.'
The trick worked, and as Daniel got older, he joined the praise band at TBC and studied music under praise leaders Bobby Arnold and Aaron Johnson.
'Daniel never lost the ability to learn music quickly,' said Arnold, who's looking forward to the upcoming concert. 'He's an incredible musician. He can teach himself how to play any musical instrument, and then master it. And he's a creative songwriter.'
Daniel describes his music as contemporary, and he says his inspiration comes from his Christian faith.
'The faith gives purpose to the music, it's not just us throwing a bunch of random things out there,' Daniel said. 'We write where our hearts are, the ups and the lows.'
As arts pastor at Chesapake Church in Huntington, Md., Daniel has the opportunity to minister to people.
'The people we serve, they are our inspiration,' Daniel said. 'The music ends up uniting us a community, where we can celebrate the strength that faith and friendship bring.'
The other four members of Scattered Leaves are also members of Chesapake Church.
'We started out as a praise group at the church,' Daniel said. 'And then our performances got more regular, and we became a band. And now we're performing for more and more places.'
Mrs. Palmer enjoys listening to her son's music. She said he's got a song for everyone.
'Daniel appreciates all kinds of music,' Mrs. Palmer said. 'He has soft hymns for his grandma and louder music for the younger generations. It's all beautiful, good and wholesome.'
Arnold agrees.
'His faith is the anchor of his music,' Arnold said. 'So is the strong, tight-knit family he comes from. It makes him wise for his age.'
Did you know?
Daniel Palmer graduated from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in 2001 with a degree in art. He pursed his studies for the next three years at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va.
Not only can Palmer sing, he can draw too. His award-winning watercolor and oil paintings have been displayed at the Cultural Activities Center in Temple and at several other arts venues.

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