Saturday, October 24, 2009

A voice of silent praise: Woman channels her inner mime in service to the Lord

Telegram Staff Writer

She worships without words.
The Anointed Mime, Patsy Jones-McClintock, doesn't need them. Her praise takes life from music and movement.
'When I'm the mime, I get shaken out of my soul,' Mrs. Jones-McClintock said. 'I get in the zone of the Holy Spirit, and it's overwhelming.'
Her first performance as the Anointed Mime took place about two years ago at Corinth Baptist Church in Temple.
'She came to me with the idea as a ministry,' said the Rev. U.C. Barnes, the pastor at Corinth. 'She felt very strongly about it, and when I saw what it was that she wanted to do, I knew it could be something that could enrich lives.'
Mrs. Jones-McClintock can remember the first Sunday she took the face of the mime. Her performance centered around Marvin Sapp's 'Never Could have Made it.'
'I was nervous,' she said. 'I knew I was doing this for God, and that made me want to do it well. And then came the adrenaline. I was so excited.' She had wanted to dance in the church for several years.
'I danced all the time at parties,' Mrs. Jones-McClintock said. 'But it was worldly dancing. I wanted to dance for God. It was in my heart.'
So she trained herself in mime praise. She practiced and studied YouTube videos until she felt confident enough to perform in front of a crowd.
Her first performance at Corinth inspired many encores. She's been at it for about two years. Barnes considers her a core part of the church's worship team.
And around town the Anointed Mime is a hot commodity.
She's performed at Relay for Life events and for the Central Texas Women of God. And last month, the Anointed Mime took top billing at the 200 Women in Pink breast cancer awareness event.
'Patsy's very talented,' said Wanda Nichols of the Central Texas Women of God. 'It's powerful to watch her dance.'
Ruth Bridges of Corinth agreed.
'Some people are visual,' Mrs. Bridges said. 'A performance like Patsy's drives the message home, the message that the preacher talked about or the choir sang about. Her dancing and her facial expressions are the things that get through to visual learners. What she gives the church is very valuable, to put words to movement.'
In her own mute style, the Anointed Mime speaks to spirits too.
'People have come to Christ after seeing her perform,' Barnes said. 'They've broken into tears and joined the church.'
Mrs. Jones-McClintock is proud the community finds so much value in her mime ministry.
'But it's not about me,' she said. 'I'm just an old lady. The Anointed Mime is about God, praising Him and lifting Him up.'
That makes her happy.
'I'm so glad for that,' said her husband the Rev. Marcus McClintock, associate minister at Corinth. 'She wanted to do this, she tried and worked for it. And look at her now. I'm so proud.'
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