Friday, December 17, 2010

Volunteers sought to deliver

Staff writer

If there’s a blank spot on your New Year’s resolution list, consider filling it with the pledge to become a volunteer.
One group that could use the extra help is Taylor’s Meals on Wheels. The program provides food and company to the area’s home-bound senior citizens.
“We need help for the whole year,” said coordinator Verna Guajardo, explaining that the efforts of the Meals on Wheels crew are non-stop. “The seniors need their lunches everyday, and the area we cover is broad.”
The group services the Taylor, Thrall and Bartlett areas.
“That makes five different routes,” Guajardo said.
Making stops Monday through Friday, the local Meals on Wheels team managed to deliver a total of 17,925 lunches in 2010.
Naomi Pasemann, of Taylor, has volunteered with the group for five years, and she said the work is rewarding.
“It’s a grand experience, so I’d encourage anyone to be a part of it,” Pasemann said. “It’s a way to see a people be helped, and it’s right here in Taylor.”
Teri Thomas, of Hutto, agrees. Having worked with the group for two years, she said interacting with the clients is what makes the job special.
“The seniors are very wise, and I love sitting down to visit with them,” Thomas said. “Sometimes I get so caught up in a conversation that I have to call the next person on my route and warn them that I’ll be a little late.”
She laughed as she said that happens more often than not.
“I just can’t drop off the food and leave,” Thomas said, smiling. “The visiting is where the magic is.”
Anyone wanting to volunteer with Meals on Wheels is welcome to call the senior center at (512) 352-5539.
“Training and route maps will be provided,” Guajardo said.
There will also be the opportunity to meet new friends - not just fellow volunteers, but people like Doris Roznovak, of Taylor, the people who depend on Meals on Wheels.
“I always get excited to see who it will be coming through the door,” Roznovak said. “Everyone’s always so sweet.”
Though memorable, it’s not just the conversation that lifts her spirits.
“It’s knowing that someone is there to look out for me everyday,” Roznovak said. “They worry if I don’t come to the door.”
And that, she said, makes her feel not so alone.
That’s quite a gift, especially at this time of year.

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