Saturday, March 26, 2011

Couple celebrates first anniversary

Deemable Staff Writer

WIMBERLEY, Texas – I ain’t never run across a man, woman or dog who’s seen all of Texas. The state is that big, even if you call it home.
So it wasn’t that much of a surprise when I stumbled across a never-before-seen Lone Star city. It was Wimberley, a holiday haven for everyone from nostalgic lovers and amateur artists to athletes and motorcycle gangs.With rocks for climbing and gourmet wines for tasting, Wimberley was not what I’d call a two-light town. It deserved some proper attention, so I suggested to my husband that we spend our first anniversary weekend there.
It didn’t take much convincing for him to agree, as his buddy from work happened to own a cabin there – a cabin we could stay at for free. Enough said, the trip was on.

Ken’s 50 but still looking sharp

Deemable Staff Writer

Barbie and Ken are no longer two young lovers sitting in a tree. Both of them are now over the hill, even though their looks don’t show it.
Ken turned 50 on March 11, and the ever-stunning Barbie is a ripe 52.
Birthday festivities for Ken started in January with an eight-episode reality TV show called “Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend.”
In the manner of ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” the Ken show featured eight “real-life” men competing for the title of “Barbie’s Ideal Boyfriend.” Participating under the stage name of Dreamer Ken, the winner was Kurtis Taylor, a 25-year-old former college football player from Fort Dodge, Iowa.
The contest and all competitors are featured at Checking the show out won’t be a waste of time, as the New York Times describes it as one of the media company Hulu’s most popular reality shows.
But that’s not all the birthday fun for the still-handsome Ken.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elvis never left the building

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