Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Frozen sisters sighted in Hutto

Editor for the Hutto News

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa of Arendelle were behind bars at the Hutto Police Department on Friday, Feb. 27. Officer Stephen Schlather even had the pair in handcuffs.
“We had to lock them up,” said Officer Suzanne Glass. “The cold weather has gone on long enough, and we wanted to put a stop to it.
But the restraints at city hall were no match for Elsa's powers. The pair escaped and hasn't been seen since dinnertime Friday.
If any citizens see the “frozen culprits” within Hutto city limits, they are urged to call the police department.
“We want to shut them down,” said Lt. Dwain Jones.
At least that's the story the Hutto Police Department is telling on Facebook.
“It's been a fun way to deal with all of the cold weather,” said Christina Kane-Gibson, the city's public information officers.
Their posts about the Frozen sister sightings and “criminal freezing” have generated almost 200 followers, including KVUE News. An article about the pair and their mischief was posted to the station's website on Thursday, Feb. 26, when they were captured on camera in Pflugerville.
In reality, the Disney princesses are some local personal injury lawyers having a little fun.
“Everything just kind of happened by accident,” said Brittany Deane of Hutto, the woman who was dressed as Elsa, explaining that she and her twin sister, Briana Deane of Round Rock, perform at children's birthday parties as a side job.
“We were on our way to a party, and our marketing director took our picture in front of a cop car,” said Briana Deane. “He thought it would be funny to poke fun and make it look like Elsa was responsible for this recent batch of cold weather.”
The marketing director was Neil Angeles. He and the twins work for the Pflugerville-based law firm Justinian PLLC. The first photos from Thursday, Feb. 26, were taken near the law firm on Heatherwilde Blvd.

California horse lover films music video on local ranch

Editor for the Hutto News

A horse named Maverick had a message to share.
"And I heard it," said Tiffany MacNeil of California. "My job has been to figure out how to tell it.
That's how the song "You've Got Time Now" was born.
MacNeil and her crew were at Tri-Star Farm in Hutto last Friday, March 6, filming the accompanying music video. Both the film and video will debut this October in Germany at the European Conference on Horse-Assisted Education.

The song
"You've Got Time Now" started to evolve last September when MacNeil was in Round Rock helping her sister-in-law pack.
"She had gone to the University of Texas in Austin and was getting ready to move back to California," MacNeil said. "We had been real busy the whole time I was there, and I had started to miss my horses, so I looked for a nearby stable to visit and maybe go on ride."
The top hit on her Google search was Maverick Horseback Riding of Hutto, the outfit that operates out of the barn and stables at Tri-Star Farm, which is located at the intersection of Palm Valley Boulevard and County Road 110.
"I looked at their website and immediately wanted to go. Their horses looked beautiful," MacNeil said. "I told myself I'd get up early and go on my last day in town."
But she and her sister-in-law got busy and distracted with last-minute chores.
"So I ended up rushing," MacNeil said. "And by the time I got to the stable's gates I had to keep on driving so I wouldn't miss my flight. There was just not time."