Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hutto copes with loss of popular police officer

Feature writer for the Hutto News

To us, Hutto is home. It's simple and quiet, most definitely not a place that's known for being featured on the nightly news.
That is — it wasn't until last Wednesday when Hutto Police Sgt. Chris Kelley was killed during an attempt to apprehend a traffic violator.
In about two seconds, Hutto's reputation as a quaint roadside Hippo-loving town exploded into what the TV is calling a "small but dignified town filled strength, bravery, love and solidarity."
Images of us — the people who live in Hutto — filled the TV screen. We were having fundraisers, leaving tokens of love at the City Hall shrine, praying at the community vigil, consoling the bereft family of Sgt. Kelley or simply taking the time to say a word of thanks to the servicemen who are still out there working on our behalf.
And that is amazing. It's something in which I'm sure we can all take pride.
The following is an account of how and when all of these wonderful shows of support unfolded.